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Pato Chelsea

Alex Pato is convinced Chelsea will sign him at end of season, but for absolutely bizarre reasons

The appointment of Antonio Conte as the new Chelsea manager has come with a lot of expectations. There is talk of imminent arrival of new signings and imminent departure of some of the old lot as it is expected that the Italian has a wish list of new players he wishes to have at the Stamford Bridge.

Besides, what Antonio Conte is taking up as a first responsibility is the task of re-building a team at Chelsea  given the low levels to which the 2014/2015 English Premier League Champions have fallen to. This is not an easy task and will include delicate balancing between new signings and the quality players already at Chelsea.

Antonio Conte is said to have a wish list of players he would want to have as part of his new look Chelsea squad. It is rumoured that Corinthians striker Pato, currently on loan at Chelsea is among players Antonio Conte admires.

The Brazilian striker is very hopeful that the Blues will make his stay at the Stamford Bridge permanent by securing a move from Corinthians this summer. While the reality of Pato’s hopes cannot be guaranteed, we have to wait and see if such a move will materialize.

According to Dassler Marques, from UOL, Pato thinks that Chelsea’s failure to hand him more playing time is tactical in that the Stamford Bridge side doesn’t want to create lots of attention around a player whom they have not permanently secured.
Should Pato’s expectations be forthcoming, Chelsea is expected to part ways with about 8-10 million pounds. How delusional or factual Pato’s thinking is, will be determined by the kind of moves coming from Stamford Bridge.

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