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Diego Costa


We’re just now over a couple of weeks away from the highly anticipated release of Fifa 17 and already we’ve been teased with all the latest ratings from the Premier League. In thinking about the amount of hype for Fifa 17, it’s quite incredible how the humble game of football has conquered the world.

Inspiring millions of games, varying from football themed casino games like those available at Europalace Casino, computer games such as the upcoming behemoth Fifa 17 and even physical games like Football Golf, the power football has around the world is huge.

Going back to Fifa 17, there may be a few shocks and surprises in the full breakdown, however there is of course plenty of big names and stars that have come through as expected taking their well-deserved place within the top 20 ranked players in the league.

After an incredibly disappointing season Chelsea will be looking to get back on track this year especially with their new manager Antonio Conte at the helm to guide them back to success, but how did these slightly fallen stars fare in the new ratings?

He was Chelsea’s top scorer last season even though his total tally fell well short of many other strikers within the Premier League. But Diego Costa’s season was very typical of just how Chelsea had seemingly lost all control during their unexpected 2015/16 season decline. With the odd spate of controversy for the star striker peppered throughout his season, which resulted in subsequent cards and match bans, this could very well be the reason for his one point drop on his new Fifa rating.

Another Chelsea star player that’s taken a little drop in the ratings since Fifa 16 again mostly due the teams rather lacklustre performance last season is Spaniard Cesc Fabregas. In fact it was himself and the aforementioned Diego Costa who took the brunt of the criticism from the Chelsea fans following the departure of then manager Jose Mourinho believing them to be mostly responsible for his dismissal due to their uninspiring performances on the pitch.

Fifa 17 has given Chelsea’s Eden Hazard a score of 88 which seems pretty fair once more based upon the previous seasons’ performance. Of course it’s very much the same story all round especially for a club whose surprising decline was far from the superior quality we saw during the 2014/15 season which lead the blues to a title victory with still 3 games left to play.

There were a few transfer rumours floating around earlier this year as to the potential future of Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois however these were swiftly quashed by the Belgian.

Even though his performances were far from his best last season for his club he more than made up for it after being selected to represent his country at this summer’s Euro 2016. He helped his international side through the qualifications to reach the finals for the first time in 16 years to which they also managed to get through the group stages and into the quarter finals.

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