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Edinson Cavani Handed Transfer Request and is Moving to England in January After PSG Sanctioned His Sale, Player Already Left Paris

Arsenal are reportedly close to securing Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani after the player’s long-term future appears to be in doubt.

According to recent reports, Cavani’s future is in doubt because he is alleged to be unhappy over the role been allocated to him by his boss Laurent Blanc, and could be shown the exit by Paris Saint-Germain.

The Uruguayan has had his attitude questioned by Blanc after reportedly demanding he replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic as PSG’s main striker. Basically, Cavani doesn’t like playing second fiddle to Ibrahimovic and always feel like he should be the main striker.

But according to analysts who have analyzed his style of play, it is said that Cavani is a hot-and-cold type, who can be greatly impressive in two or three matches and miss the form to impress in the next matches. And it is believed that the lack of consistency may be reason behind his constant moving between striker and winger.

Still on Cavani’s questionable attitude, it is reported that his team-mates were disappointed by his decision to leave for winter break before PSG’s last match of 2015.

Speaking about the 28-year-old’s behavior, manager Laurent Blanc said: “There is a problem with Cavani’s behavior but my job is to think of the entire squad as a collective.

“We have several meetings like that to talk about various problems. Not only problems, incidentally — things to improve, things to look at again, things to change. So we did indeed talk about Cavani too but it wasn’t the main talking point of the meeting.

“We discussed Cavani for a precise problem. It was in-house dealings like we discussed other times for other players. Cavani is not a problem. There was a situation that had to be judged, that had to be discussed and that we had to have an exchange about. That’s all.”

Arsenal were alert on Cavani last summer while Manchester United are longstanding admires. And with the latest comment from Laurent Blanc about the Uruguayan, more fuel has been added to the speculation about the player’s possible move from PSG.

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