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How much will it cost England fans to see team progress?

If you asked most patriotic England fans how much they would pay to see the Three Lions lift the World Cup this summer, the answer would probably be “anything”.
However, with this year’s tournament being held in Brazil, the actual monetary value placed on this “anything” would stretch even the most avid fan’s dedication to the cause.

This is why we have decided to work out the true cost of England’s – very hypothetical – progression to World Cup glory for a typical England fan making the trip to South America.

To work out the total cost of watching England all the way to World Cup glory, we needed to run a simulation of the tournament so we could find out where fans would have to go to see the relevant games. We therefore ran the results based on the favourites for each game winning – unless of course they meet England, who win whatever the odds are.

Now we have the housekeeping out of the way, join us as we travel through this theoretical World Cup, before revealing what England’s progression would cost you if you made the trip to Brazil.

To see the full break down, visit the Ocean Finance website.

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