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Loius Van Gaal Sack

Louis van Gaal Released a Controversial Statement about Jurgen Klopp’s style

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal calls Jürgen Klopp a crowd-pleaser after learning why Klopp’s brand of aggressive football is a winner with supporters.

Speaking about Klopp’s all-action style, Van Gaal stated: “You can see his hand and that is very important when he is the manager.”

Van Gaal went up against former Borussia Dortmund boss Klopp four times during his time at Bayern Munich.

Explaining Klopp’s brand of aggressive football, van Gaal said: “You can see a very aggressive and pressing kind of play in Liverpool’s game.”

“Of course, he has to learn also the Premier League, the rhythm of the Premier League, and I think he knows already the difference between the Premier League and German Llague.

“But he is very capable to be a manager in the Premier League because he has always played this kind of football and I think the fans shall love it.”
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