Jose Mourinho

Man Utd told Mourinho: “You will become our manager under this condition”, fans go crazy on Twitter

Twitter went into meltdown after the latest rumor regarding the managerial situation at Manchester United. First we had Louis Van Gaal saying he expected to stay. Then Jose Mourinho was supposed to take over after a ‘golden handshake’ but Laurent Blanc also tried to muscle in.

Ryan Giggs is said to be a pawn in this little game and now nobody knows what’s going on. The plan was to keep the players concentrated on the pitch and not have them distracted by the crisis, but that doesn’t seem to have happened.

Will Mourinho sign? Not for another year, according to the reports being circulated at the minute. Jose Mourinho is reportedly desperate to take over as manager, but United want to give Van Gaal his last contracted year to see what he can do.

The club are heading into the FA Cup Final against Crystal Palace at the end of the month, and defeat could mean the end of Van Gaal, but if they will, club Chairman Ed Woodward might hold on to LVG for another season.

A lot of it is thought to hinge on Ryan Giggs, who the club sees as long term manager, but he will surely leave when Jose brings his own entourage along.

It’s all very confusing at the minute with rumors and counter rumors circulating every few minutes. The fans want Jose, United want the fans but the club seem to be stumbling over something. It doesn’t sound like Jose Mourinho to be desperate for anything, so I reckon a deal is already in place – or Jose would have said something.

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