Mesut Ozil Could Be Out For Six Months Not Three Months

When the German FA released it statement after a scan was carried out on Mesut Ozil’s sore knee, it was revealed that he would be out for up to 10-12 weeks, which is three months. Although the Arsenal official site was quick to point out that it was not yet clear how long he would be out as the club still had to carry out it own medical examination, a point alluded to by Arsene Wenger when he said he would follow the club’s recommendation on Ozil’s recovery.

It is this particular attempt by the club to adopt a mazely approach in respect of the time scale of his recovery that has raised concerns about how long he would spend on the sidelines.

Arsenal have an history of players who were meant to spend a couple of weeks or months on the sidelines, ending up spending years injured without kicking a ball. The German FA claims he would be out for three months, Arsenal claims they are yet to reach a definitive timescale if the statement on the official site is anything to go by.

It reeks of an old picture of Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere’s injury troubles that started with the now patented three weeks, which culminated in a two year absence for the Czech captain, and 18 months in the case of Jack Wilshere. There is also the case of the now departed Thomas Vermaelen who spent almost an entire season injured in his second season with the club after a over grown tendon in his foot was not diagnosed in the first instance. The uncertainty over the injury at the first instance kept him out longer than had been anticipated.

Due to the past history with which Arsenal’s medical department have handled the case of injured players in the past, there is some measured concerned as to how long any person would be out injured, whenever there is a breakdown from any member of the squad.

There is seldom clarity in respect of when a player would return from injury anytime Arsene Wenger gives injury updates. A case in point is the way Theo Walcott’s return was regularly shifted. Arsene Wenger claimed in pre season that he would return in late August, which was shifted twice, before the latest confirmation that he is back in full training which is a clear two months from the time Arsene Wenger claimed he would return.

While, the concerns are palpable because of the clubs chequered history of managing injuries, the hope would be that it is actually three months for Mesut Ozil and not the usual he is not far away when the three months elapses.

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