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cristiano ronaldo to man utd

Premier League return? United target Cristiano Ronaldo spotted round the corner from Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge

If one follows the media long enough they would think Real Madrid are having a squad overhaul. Better yet it’s all their top players that speculation of departures just won’t go away. It was first Isco, Kross, Benzema, James and now Ronaldo. It seems one can’t go anywhere without question being asked these days.

The Real Madrid forward was pictured in London having lunch. He was reportedly just a mere two miles away from Stamford Bride which had led tongues to twirl about a possible move away. A move linking him back to Manchester United was ridiculous as it is. Yet rumors had to take it to the next level, now he is going to 9th place Chealsea. Like that’s going to happen.

Yet it hasn’t stopped speculation that Ronaldo has been thought to be moving on as he is now 31. It is believed to happen on a yearly basis. Yet after dazzling this season the likes of Chelsea and PSG will have to wait a little longer. To make matters worse, the superstar clearly stated that he can see his career ending in the Spanish capital.

A source said: “He looked relaxed and walked freely between Signor Sassi and Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge. From the way they were walking it looked as though they’d just left Signor Sassi, but I couldn’t say for sure. The restaurant is pretty swanky and the perfect place to have a discreet meeting.

Ronaldo was protected by two huge bodyguards and he was alongside another man, possibly a friend. “Although he was wearing sunglasses, I still knew it was him” stated the source.

It begs the question what is it he needed to be doing that could be so important so close to a title-deciding match in La Liga and also more so why was he so close to Chelsea?

Could it be a coincidence that one of his bodyguards was in a Chelsea shirt? Ronaldo would relish the chance of an unprecendented 11th Champions League title later this month compared to a team that doesn’t even have Champions league to begin with. Surely this move can’t be on, but in football-you never know

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