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Real Madrid Gives Arsenal Given Light To Sign Benzema, Perez Wants Pogba

In a shocking twist in this summer window, an unusual source in the form of Venezuelan model and presenter Jeinny Lizarazo has shed some ‘inside news’ about the transfer of Real Madrid player Karim Benzema to Arsenal. The Venezuelan model who initially claimed through her Twitter account that French Striker Karim Benzema is bound to become an Arsenal player with Spanish giants Real Madrid giving Arsenal the clear to sign the striker.

She further went on to state with her twitter account that all terms have been agreed between the clubs and Real Madrid are waiting for the Gunners to make the next move, as the Spanish giants go all out to capture fellow French player Paul Pogba. I would hate to be the bearer of bad news but Arsenal fans will be wise not to take Lizarazo’s comments to heart. The Venezuelan has claimed in the past that French Striker Karim Benzema was in London which later turned out to be false.

The Real Madrid fan is a presenter on Venezuelan ESPN and many might wonder how such delicate news can be disclosed to a presenter. However only time would tell on authentic her information is.

Meanwhile Arsene Wenger’s recent comments after Arsenal defeat against West Ham might suggest that the Gunners are not in the market for any striker. He said “I can only repeat what I’ve said: if an exceptional solution turns up, we will do it.“We bought and still lost the game. We listen to people but we have to focus on the quality of our performance.”

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