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Courtois Back

Shocking rumour of the day: Thibaut Courtois moving to Liverpool for £50m?

In one of the more surreal and bizarre rumors to be doing the rounds at the minute, some are claiming that Chelsea goalkeeping ace, Thibaut Courtois, might be heading to Liverpool to replace his compatriot, Simon Mignolet. As unlikely as it seems, some journalists say they expect it to happen.

As with most players at Stamford Bridge this year, Thibaut Courtois has not had an excellent season and has seemed uninterested at times, despite clearly showing his vast potential as one of the world’s best goalkeepers.

There are not many keepers alive that could keep Petr Cech on the substitute bench, but Courtois managed to oust the Czech goalie and he moved on to Arsenal.

Having sold one world-class goalkeeper last season, they would be about to sell another one to another rival would they? There is talk of Chelsea cashing in on Thibaut Courtois, with a report recently circulating that Conte has ordered the club to sell at anything over 50million.

Asmir Begovic is a worthy replacement and has been impressive when he covered Courtois during a short spell of injury.
Liverpool were thought to be going for a young German keeper to give Mignolet some competition, but going for Courtois would mean replacing Mignolet altogether; he is ahead of Mignolet in the Belgian national team.

The only problem might be the asking price. Chelsea want a lot of money for the Belgian goalkeeper and Liverpool fans might not be pleased making Courtois the world’s most expensive keeper.

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