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Fabregas Responds to Mourinho

Trouble brewing- Cesc Fabregas responds to Jose Mourinho’s betrayal comments

Following the last night’s 2-1 defeat against Leicester City, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho put the blame on his players and alleged that he felt betrayed by them.

Blues’ midfielder Cesc Fabregas has responded to Mourinho’s allegations in a Facebook Q&A session today.

“We have to take responsibility [of performances and league position],” Cesc said in a Q&A session on Sky Sports HQ’s Facebook page when asked for his views on Mourinho’s comments. “If you are a big player, you perform and behave like a big player. We [Chelsea] have big players. The attitude always has to be spot on.  “We have to better than what we’re seeing right now,” he concluded.

The Portuguese manager originally said in his post-match conference after the defeat against the Foxes: “These two goals are two goals very difficult to accept, a big frustration to accept because it’s like I feel like my work was betrayed.”

“All last season I did phenomenal work and I brought them to a level that is not their level, is more than they really are, or this season we are so bad that the players for some reason — I’m not saying all of them, I don’t want to put some of them in the same basket — but clearly with some of them it’s so, so difficult,” he continued. “We have one against one,” he said. “I want one against two because I want a midfielder to come and help.”

In another press conference, Mourinho also pointed out that his players can’t seem to connect their preparations with how they perform on the pitch during the game. He added: “I feel my work is betrayed. I worked four days in training for this match. I identified four movements where Leicester score a lot of their goals and in two of the four situations, I identified they scored their goals. I went through it all with the players; you can ask them.”


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