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Ruthless Jurgen Klopp Blasts Nathaniel Clyne

Trouble Time? Ruthless Jurgen Klopp Blasts Nathaniel Clyne

Liverpool played against Chelsea in Stamford Bridge and thrashed the Blues 3 goals to 1 in front of their home fans but despite this victory, new Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and the Reds right-back Nathaniel Clyne were seen in heated debate again during the clash with Chelsea when the manager tried to correct the player on some of his decisions.

The pair was seriously arguing with each other in the match at Stamford Bridge, and this is not the first time this has happened since Klopp took over at Anfield.

The German appeared to have been angry at Clyne for a dodgy pass back to goalkeeper Simon Mignolet which could have cost them dearly, as well as his general play down the right flank which was also not helping matters.

It is getting quite obvious that the former Southampton right-back doesn’t seem to be a player who likes being criticised by anyone for any of his decisions on the field of play.

Clyne contributed to Klopp’s first win in charge of Liverpool in midweek as he scored the only goal in the League Cup triumph over Bournemouth and might be feeling he deserves to be left alone to do whatever he wants on the pitch.

Although Clyne had a 93% pass accuracy against Chelsea in the first half of the match on Saturday but Chelsea opened the scoring on Saturday after Cesar Azpilicueta crossed from the Reds’ right-back position which was Clyne’s position.

Clyne might have to dial it way down with his attitude as it is quite obvious that Klopp is not one to allow his players dictate to him and cost the team and he might find a new replacement for Clyne anytime soon if he does not cool it down and not be seen getting into issues with the new manager.

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