Van Gaal Speaks on Latest Media Meltdown While Famous Celebrities Calling for IMMEDIATE SAKE

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has declared that he is not going to be resigning from his job, following his side’s goalless home draw against Chelsea. The United manager was under massive pressure ahead of the game after losing four Premier League games in a row, but a much better performance against the defending champions has managed to lift the mood of despair hanging around Old Trafford.

United fans the world over were calling for their manager to get sacked after their capitulation at the hands of Stoke City, but a much better performance against Chelsea has alleviated these feelings, even though very slightly. For example, famous people like Piers Morgan are calling for his immediate sacking:

Former Premier League manager, Harry Redknapp, shared his opinion on Van Gaal on Twitter too:

Speaking to the media following the match, Van Gaal declared that he was in no mood to walk away following such a positive performance.

The Dutchman said, “For me, it [his future] is not an interesting subject because I cannot have any influence on that, I can only work with my players and you can see they are fighting for me.”

“Even after this result the fans were applauding so I cannot say I’m very much concerned. In this football world you never know, but I’m fully confident in the board and my players. Will I resign? On the contrary. When the players can give such a performance with a lot of pressure, there is not any reason to resign for me. Maybe the media wants me to but I shall not resign. It’s not a question of staying, it’s a question of fulfilling my contract.”

Van Gaal sang the praises of his players, the same players he blasted after their loss at Stoke, as he added, “Manchester United has a lot of confidence in his manager and I have not received that in every club. And the confidence at Manchester United, you have to compare with AZ, which was also fantastic. But I have said that when the players are fighting for me, I stay because that is the most important thing and you have seen that today.”

Another issue that United boss keen to clarify was his comments about resigning. Van Gaal said, “I have said that a club can sack you but that a manager can also resign by himself. In my press conferences, I am asked all the time: ‘Are you concerned that maybe they sack me? Of course I am concerned but I am more concerned to prepare my players.”

“Then I read things in the press. They are lies, not based on facts. They are the reasons I walk away in a press conference and not angrily. No, I walk with quietness because I want to make my point.”

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