ACCEPTED – Barca Accepts Pedro Will Join Manchester United

What seemed like a transfer that would be wrapped up in a quick fashion, has dragged on longer than expected. The Pedro transfer saga seems to be getting deeper each passing day with no end in sights. But a recent report coming out of Spain might be a big boost for Manchester United in their pursuit for Pedro.

Journalist Graham Hunter stated that Barcelona may have made things difficult for themselves in keeping Spanish winger Pedro. After Barcelona’s match against Sevilla, Hunter was quoted as saying; “And Barcelona are now resigned to the fact that they may have tipped Pedro over the edge, that he may be so frustrated that he leaves,” “Two things need to be said. One: on Friday night they play the first leg of the super cup with Neymar still out and the rest of the squad still tired and secondly Barcelona will not budge, they said ‘pay us €30 million up front, not in chunks, don’t even offer us more than €30 million but in chunks, that’s the sticking point.”

With only two weeks left to go in the transfer window, Manchester United will be hoping to ramp up the pace in the deal and wrap things up as soon as possible. After the loss of Di Maria, the Red Devils are in dire need of a player with pace and creativity.

Manchester United’s attack in their last match against Tottenham was very dull and uninspiring and showed why a player like Pedro is urgently needed. The addition of a player like Pedro to the team can grant United more directness and speed in their build play. It will be wise for Ed Woodward to give Barcelona whatever they want and bring Pedro to Manchester United at all costs.

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