Napoli and the Herculean Dream

Ottavio Bianchi and Alberto Bigon have done it. In fact, they are the only two who have done it. During Napoli’s finest era, when players like Maradona, Ciro Ferrara, Alemao, Zola, and Careca donned the sky-blue jersey, Bianchi and Bigon managed their respective Partenopei teams to Scudetto titles. Bianchi had the honour of overseeing Napoli’s […]

Remembering Romario

Some dates just pass us by, disappearing into the ether before we realise their significance. April 27th, 2005 was one of those. Romario de Souza Faria – simply Romario to us – took to the pitch for the last time in the Brazilian national team colours. Almost exactly a month before the “Miracle of Istanbul”, […]

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