BREAKING – De Gea Saved LVG For Another Match, Manager Is Surviving on a Game by Game Basis

After much improved performance against struggling Premier League champions, Manchester United ended with a goalless draw with Guus Hiddink’s side.

Under-pressure manager spoke to press after the match saying: “The players are fighting for me. It was a good performance but we didn’t have the luck we needed.” Latest insider reports say the manager is surviving on a game by game basis. Club owner, Ed Woodward still believes in Van Gaal, however many board members don’t.

Wayne Rooney backed his manager and confirmed dressing room is behind him. “Of course. A lot of people say different things but we would be letting ourselves down if we didn’t go out on to the pitch and give it our all. We wouldn’t be professional players if we did that. We’re having a tough time, everyone knows that, but we will keep fighting and come back. But this was just the way it has been going for us at the minute. We created a lot of chances but didn’t manage to take one.”

“I thought we played some great stuff, but most of all the crowd was excellent. They could see how much this meant for the players but it was a disappointing result because we dominated the game.”

Loius Van Gaal suggested he could quit after 2-0 defeat by Stoke on Boxing Day but ruled out that possibility after Monday evening’s draw.

“Will I resign? On the contrary,’ he said. ‘When the players can give such a performance with a lot of pressure, there is not any reason to resign. I have taken that decision already two or three times (in my career). But I have said that when the players are fighting for me, I always stay because that is the most important thing and you have seen that today.

“Inside the club, the players are willing to fight for every metre, the manager is willing to fight, the members of staff are willing to fight and the board is very confident in the staff and the manager.”

United host Swansea on Saturday before their FA Cup third round clash.

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