Five Players That MAY Leave Liverpool This Summer

With the emerging storm that has seemed to engulf Liverpool wich may lead to them needing to offload some players, a number of players have been looked at that may likely make their exit if things do not settle at the Anfield.

Lucal Leiva is one of the players that might likely leave the Anfield or be told to leave. Lucas Leiva is the oldest serving member of the Liverpool current squad but might have to leave for a number of reasons. The emergence of Emre Can as defensive midfielder who has done his best not to fumble or be discovered fumbling in any match has made it easy for Lucas to become second choice DM. Also the Brazilian DM seems to not know how to stay injury-free and is always out with some injury or the other for the better part of the season and therefore has not done enough for the Liverpool squad and might be asked to leave or ask for a transfer himself to go ply his trade in another league. Especially with him in his thirties and James Milner also coming in to the squad.

Mario Balotelli is another player who looks very likely to leave.  The striker who was signed for 16 million seems to have forgotten how to score goals and has only scored on goal for Liverpool in the Premiership last season with reports of him constantly traveling to Italy as he seems to be bored with life in the English Premiership. So it is likely that he will be sold soon or might have to go on loan to see if he finds his form back.

Fabio Borini is another player who has in clear terms been told by Liverpool that he is not needed and should look for another club. He left for loan at Sunderland but instead of staying at Sunderland where he was being desperately wanted, he opted to go back to Liverpool after his loan and sit it out, waiting for God-Knows-What. He has been told again by Liverpool that he is surplus to requirements and should find his way elsewhere and might therefore be leaving very soon to Inter Milan who seem to still find him useful.

Jose Enrique is one other player who might be leaving or not. He spent too much time on the injury table and has been sidelined completely since his return with Liverpool constantly ignoring his cries for playing time. He has however admitted that only the two big teams in the La Liga might be able to pay his wages and therefore, he will stay in Liverpool to slug it out with the players in his position or just stay long enough to run down his contract at Liverpool.

Mahamadou Sakho is the last player on the list who might be leaving. Not because the player is not wanted at Liverpool but because the player sees himself as too important to be left out on the bench with Dejan Lovren playing when he should be playing. He has been benched repeatedly for Dejan Lovren and AS Roma have enquired about the player but he has been offered a new contract by Liverpool to make sure that he stays with the club.

Time will tell if Liverpool are able to keep hold of their players or if the players will be leaving to find their way elsewhere and if these players are the only ones that will leave.

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