John Stones Affected By Chelsea Interested – Roberto Martinez

Everton coach, Roberto Martinez has openly admitted that Chelsea’s consistent interests in his side’s central defender, John Stones has affected his performances and level of concentration in recent matches. When asked about the possibility of the transfer saga affecting the 21 year-old’s games, the coach told the press,

“Yes, and it is something where you hope you learn from it and you get more mature and those experiences are good experiences”

Stones was a subject of heavy speculations as per a move to the Stamford bridge during the Summer transfer window, with Chelsea bringing offers of 20 million Pounds and 26 million Pounds to the table, both which got rejected by Everton who rather prefers to hold on to their prized-possession. But they might not be able to hold on for long, as Chelsea will likely make another approach soon as their defense backline needs new quality recruitment, with John Terry ageing and past his prime. Gary Cahill is also approaching his mid 30’s, and securing Stone’s services will help solve and secure the defense’ problem for a long time.

Martinez is also aware he could lose Stones sooner and later, a possibility he clearly admits,

“Clearly John is one of the outstanding young talents that we have in the squad and you are going to get that sort of interest from the outside. You shouldn’t worry about situations you cannot affect or control”

Chelsea were the best defensive side in the EPL last season, conceding the least number of goals. But with the duo of Terry and Cahill above 30, they wont get more than 1 year-deals with the club, and signing the 21 year-old Stones next summer should be top priority for the Pensioners.

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