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John Terry Trial: Day 3 PM – No noise at the Emirates

Following John Terry giving his evidence this morning, England and club team mate, Ashley Cole, was called to the stand.

The Chief Magistrate asked Cole to stand up but he replied: “I’d prefer to sit.”

“I told my lawyer I didn’t want to get involved,” Cole said. “I know JT and I know Anton.”

Cole is questioned by the defence and talks of the racial abuse he received whilst playing for England and in European away games for his club.

Cole said he sat Terry running back and Ferdinand “making gestures” and “shouting things”. He said he heard “Bridgey” or “Black” followed by “cunt”.

When Cole said “cunt” he spelt it out and the Chief Magistrate told him to just say it. “Don’t be shy”. Cole replied: “I’m not.”

Cole said at the end of the game Terry came to speak to him whilst still on the pitch and told him that Ferdinand had accused him of being racist. Cole said he did not shake Ferdinand’s hand at end of game because “what he was doing wasn’t necessary.”

Cole wasn’t completely sure but believed that in the post-match conversation with Ferdinand that Terry started the conversation by asking Ferdinand whether he thought he had said something racist. Ferdinand assured them there was no problem. Cole was asked if he could remember any more of the conversation he had with Terry. “No,” said Cole. “I was looking forward to going on a night out.” Cole said this conversation took place 25 minutes after the final whistle. Terry said it was 15 minutes and Ferdinand said it was 45.

Cole was then cross-examined and asked to elaborate about the conflict for him giving evidence. “JT is a team-mate and friend,” he said. “Anton and Rio, and their family, I have known a long time.”

Prosecution in Terry trial to Ashley Cole: “You’ve had lurid details about you in the press. Not much fun is it?” Cole: “No”

Ferdinand had claimed that Cole told him that he couldn’t talk to Terry the way he had. Cole said today “I didn’t say ‘you can’t talk to JT like that’. I said: ‘what you were doing was out of order'”.

Prosecution: “You used to play for Arsenal, nobody makes any noise at the Emirates do they?” Laughter is heard in the court. Cole: “Am I supposed to laugh at that? If you’re saying Loftus Road is louder than the Emirates I’d say: ‘no, it’s not.'” Prosecutor: “Ok, let’s not have that argument.” Cole: “Well, you brought it up.”

Cole told the court that he did not hear Terry say a word but that he could understand what Ferdinand was saying by looking at him.

Cole said he Terry wasn’t aware of the footage going on YouTube because “you can’t get a reception in Loftus Road dressing room.”

Before Cole finished giving evidence, he made it clear he didn’t think this should have come to court. “It kind of was (handbags). We shouldn’t be sitting here.”

Cole was thanked for giving evidence, particularly because of the conflict he felt in attending, before there was a break for lunch before 1pm.

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