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Scholes Blasts Schweinsteiger

Manchester United Star Blasts Schweinsteiger

Manchester United haven’t been far away from criticisms since the beginning of the new season, with former midfielder and club legend, Paul Scholes, always ready to voice out his disapproval on the club’s issues. The ex-England international has been critical of the club’s new playing style under Louis van Gaal and remains an advocate of the attacking football style the club has always been known for. United’s faithful has also openly voiced out their desire through chants to have their favorite style of football back.

Paul is at it again, and this time Germany international and former Bayern Munich midfielder, Bastian Schweinsteiger, is at the receiving end of Schole’s criticisms. Schole believes Schweinsteiger, despite being involved in the winning goal during the last game against Watford hasn’t done much to contribute to United’s attack. The retired midfielder is of the opinion that the German’s deal of experience as a Champions League and World Cup winner doesn’t reflect in his games at United.

Schweinsteiger scored his first goal for Manchester United in yesterday’s match against Premier League leaders Leicester City in a 1-1 draw.

The 31 year-old defensive midfielder has always sit back in deep midfield just ahead of the back four, hardly contributing to the attack. The team takes time to distribute ball in their own half before getting to the final third, a situation Scholes says has affected skipper Wayne Rooney. United’s style of play failed to produce any meaning result against PSV Eindhoven as they were held to a goalless draw and now risk not qualifying for the next round of the Champions League as they face a tough Wolfsburg away from home in the last group game.


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