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Mario Balotelli told Jurgen Klopp where he wants to play next season

Mario Balotelli’s time at Liverpool seems to be coming to an end. It was pretty obvious from his season-long spell at Ac Milan after having failed to make any significant mark at Anfield; then his latest comments should be a clear sign of his intentions.

Speaking to Mediaset Premium, the striker said, “I want to stay at Milan.” He further added that he was never happy at Anfield neither does he want to return there. The striker also mentioned money as being the main factor in this decision. In the current season of Seria A, Balotelli has scored only one goal so far and the new manager of Milan has already warned the striker by giving him an ultimatum.

Cristian Brocchi said that in the past Balotelli knew he would be given many chances, but now he has realized that chances are pretty slim. The only hope left for him is to display his true quality in the remaining matches of the season.  The Milan boss also stressed the need of actually showing care and love for the Milan jersey.

He further added that strong focus needs to be emphasized on mentality and that even the most talented of players need to be mentally strong.

Balotelli is supposed to return to Anfield at the end of the season after the expiration of his loan deal. His contract with the Merseyside doesn’t end till 2018. His future at Anfield remains a mystery, and it is expected that Jurgen Klopp will sell him during the transfer window.

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