Petr Cech Is A Gooner, To Make Debut Against Chelsea In August

That Arsenal has signed Petr Cech ( literally done ) from Chelsea is a thing that has started annoying Chelsea fans however, Chelsea fans need to keep their anger, they will still have enough time to get angry as Cech is very likely to make his debut as a gunner against Chelsea in the charity shield in August.

The Czech republic star could well be in goal for Arsenal when the two sides lock on in what could be Cech’s first trophy as a gunner. This makes it all the more exciting for Arsenal fans. It will be sweet to see Cech lift a trophy as a gunner while ensuring Chelsea do not lift the same trophy.

Chelsea fans can feel exactly how we feel seeing Cashley Cole play against us or Fabregas. I personally can’t wait to get one over the so called blues. They call us bad losers for booing our ex players, it will be interesting to see how they react seeing Cech playing for us.

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