Pochettino Reveals Massive Injury Blow For Tottenham

England international right back, Kyle Walker have been unavailable for Tottenham Hotspur and this is adding to the growing concerns of the manager. The injury leaves Tottenham with few options in the right back position and may have added to the recent fluctuation in the team’s performances. The manager have recently disclosed that he is not sure when the defender will be available for selection and this may have as well added to Tottenham’s present concerns. Although Kyle Naughton have done averagely well in Walker’s absence but an injury could as well compound Tottenham’s woes.

Injuries have in the past affected players performances and it will remain a normal occurrence in the world of football. Tiredness and lack of fitness may affect players thus making them vulnerable to injuries. As much as teams prepare for injury problems, it remains unclear what will happen during the course of the season and in situations where key players in the team suffer major setback, it becomes difficult for the team to cope except they have good cover up. Few teams can boost of a good cover for their first team players and may not really be affected by any injury occurrence although the player involved either drops form or may eventually not get to his best again. The case of Dean Ashton and his retirement form football explains the negative effect of injuries.

Arsenal in 2013/2014 season was well on top of the English Premier League table before they suffer injuries to some of their key players which affected the team’s performance. Manchester United is a good example so far this season with so many defensive injury concerns leading to the team’s inability to balance their play. Rotation in the team may affect the eventual overall performance of the team so it’s key to maintain the fitness to get a balance performance. Manchester United recent search for a new fitness coach for the team explains the importance of fitness to any team. Tottenham however have also struggled defensively with unavailability of dome defenders leaving the manager to rotate his team selection. Pochettino’s intention of recalling on loan American defender, DeAndre Yedlin buttress the fact that Tottenham is lacking depth in that area of the defence. However, Kyle Walker’s return is highly anticipated in Tottenham as he remains favourite for the right back position.

Injuries have caused more headaches to managers and many managers will hope to find a way to go around it in their bid to help their teams reach top level. No matter how good a team is, injuries in one way or the other to important players will affect the balance of play and it’s key clubs get their players to full fitness and avoid injuries although facing injury problems in inevitable. Managers can only hope for a minimal effect of such injury problems.

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