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The real reason Manchester United didn’t sign Renato Sanches revealed

The way the newspapers were talking, you would have thought that Renato Sanches was already a Manchester United player. He jetted into Manchester with his agent and club chairman, all ready to sign on the dotted line and start what should have been a glittering career in the Premier League. Fast-forward a day and the player is pictured in every newspaper wearing a Bayern Munich jersey.

So what on Earth happened? Did he get cold feet? Where his demands too much? Did United back out at the last minute? It certainly looks as though his form has dropped in recent weeks, perhaps with the impending move away from Benfica weighing heavily on the young man’s shoulders.

Reports now suggest that it was Ed Woodward, the infamous Manchester United chairman, who cancelled the deal in the final stages, worried about the monumental transfer fee for an 18 year old.

He has made a series of tactical errors in recent seasons and signed players for huge fees when they haven’t quite lived up to expectations.

Has Woodward made another blunder in letting Sanches slip through his fingers? It certainly appears that Sanches is one of Europe’s hottest young talents right now and looks to become a big player in the future. Bayern are certainly extremely pleased to have tied up the deal.

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