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mourinho under fire

Deal Reportedly Done: Mourinho in, Van Gaal out after Ed Woodward Sanctioned the Swap

Manchester United failed to win at home against Southampton when a late winner scored by Charlie Austin claimed the visitor victorious. United manager, who has been under strong criticism has finally admitted defeat and accepted that it is time to go. The fans are already pushing for Jose Mourinho’s arrival and Van Gaal’s departure ever since Mourinho parted ways with Chelsea.

After the 1-0 defeat to Southampton, Van Gaal has reportedly offered to resign. However, United’s executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, has requested him to ponder over his decision before giving a final verdict.

Van Gaal is expected to hold talks with the club today, but it seems that the manager will finally agree to part ways with the club. The Dutchman looked nothing but dejected after Saturday’s defeat and finally admitted his failure to make United supporters happy.

According to Guardian, Ed Woodward still supports Van Gaal, it is speculated that the FA Cup derby on Friday will be the final straw.

United skipped training on Monday and Woodward took upon himself to talk to first-team players regarding Van Gaal, as reported by Sky Sports. The atmosphere in United’s camp doesn’t appear to be in Van Gaal’s favour.

After 1-0 defeat against Southampton at Old Trafford, United is currently fifth in the league, trailing 10 points behind leaders Leicester.

In other news, Jose Mourinho has come out to be the likely successor to Van Gaal.

The story about Mourinho writing a six-page letter to United has been shunned by the Portuguese’s’ agent, but the source of the news, Miguel Delaney, said, ‘Manchester United are well aware that he [Mourinho] wants the job when Van Gaal goes and communications have been ongoing between his representatives for some time so he wouldn’t need to ask for the job.’

Latest reports coming from various sources even suggest the deal is done and Van Gaal will leave in the summer and Mourinho will be appointed.

Jose Mourinho expressed interest in becoming United’s manager ever since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. At that time the board went with David Moyes and Mourinho reunited with Chelsea.

However, now the winds have changed and they appear to be in Mourinho’s favour. It might be sooner than later, Van Gaal departs and Mourinho is welcomed as the new United’s manager.

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