Diving is Back in the News, and Something Needs to Be Done

Professional football has been in the news once more this past week, as Chelsea succumbed to a poor judgment call as a result of a dive last weekend. This isn’t the first time diving has been in the news, professional football has been plagued by diving for years. With the spotlight on professional diving once […]

His name is Rio and he watches from the stands…

The good ship England football team is in ‘there be dragons territory‘. The old certainties of the Golden Generation are being shredded – Terry is gone, Ferdinand is in the wilderness, Lampard is increasingly a side-lined figure. Gerrard, in the twilight of his international career, is finally playing where he’d like to play. The sad […]

How lies, the Nou Camp and changes to statements cost Chelsea men in commision’s verdict

Commission conclusion – It’s not just “highly unlikely” that Ferdinand accused Terry of calling him a “black cunt”, but that he did not, because in the brief time that it took Ferdinand to advance up the pitch towards Terry, why would the focus of Ferdinand’s abuse and insults of Terry have changed so quickly from […]

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